Proof Engine for Digital Data

Upgrade your existing systems by adding proof of existence to your crucial data.

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Use LTO Network to secure documents, records, e-mails and other valuable data.

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  • Extensive documentation

  • Easy set up with Docker

  • On premises or in the cloud

  • Multiple SDKs & libraries

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LTO Network uses the Bitcoin-NG protocol which results in instant transaction verification.

GDPR Compliant

Our API allows you to encrypt your hashes. That way your hashes will be stored securely on the chain.

Easy integration

LTO nodes come with their API documentation. With a simple API call you anchor your hash on the Network.


With dozens of nodes running across the globe the LTO Network is a truly decentralized solution.


The only thing you need to start anchoring is a wallet containing LTO tokens.


Since each node immediately starts mining when it holds tokens, anchor transaction pricing can go as low as $0.001.

Easy deployment

Start upgrading your system in three easy steps.


Install Docker and download the Docker Compose file from our Github repository.


Fill in your wallet seed in the configuration options.


Run the node by using the command:
docker-compose up

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Enjoy the freedom of choice

Start small and expand at your own pace.

Any infrastructure

  • Public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, etc)
  • On-premises

Any application

Connect any business application to the rest API that is included with an LTO node.

Any deployment script

We support Docker Compose, Elastic Beanstalk and Kubernetes to deploy LTO to your favorite hosting provider

Any language

The RESTful API allows for any language to interact with the node.


You can acquire a part of the network capacity to run 'net-zero' or pay-as-you-go, based on the number of transactions.

Anchor Transaction

From $0.001

Anchor Verification